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| image = Dragonfly-towingFlightGear sun halo.jpgJPG| description = From last Dated March 18, 1999, 20 years ago this week's extreme , this little gem is one of the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress at a maximum weight oldest surviving screenshots of 83FlightGear. Relatively pale compared to current versions of FlightGear,250 kgthis image shows a very basic landscape, a newly textured sun (with halo), and a very small crescent moon. Back then, we visit FlightGear was the other end of only PC based flight simulator rendering the scale with Sun, Moon, and celestial objects at the Moyes Dragonfly. A microlight craft built correct position, and under the correct lighting conditions, in Australiathe sky. The Flightgear version is by (author '''''Torsten DreyerDurk''''' and includes a configurable banner that can be picked up, towed around the sky and dropped off (a slight amount of configuration is needed to use this feature)| article = Moyes DragonflyFlightGear History
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