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== Status ==
The Compositor is in an usable state right now: it works but there are no effects or pipelines developed for it. There are also some bugs and features that don't work as expected because of some hardcoded assumptions in the FlightGear Viewer code.
The corresponding set of patches (topic branches) were put up for review in 08/2018 to discuss the underlying approach and hopefully get this merged in 2019. <ref></ref>
As of 02/2019, a set of merge requests has been for the Compositor framework in SimGear, FlightGear and FGData.
The Compositor is disabled by default at compilation time in
FlightGear (not SimGear). Both Rembrandt and the forward pipeline are
still available if this flag is disabled.
There is a known issue where FG will crash with a segfault if a valid
Compositor XML isn't found, but I don't know how to gracefully quit FG
at that stage of the init process.
The FGData merge request only includes the Low-spec pipeline, which
imitates the current near/far camera forward pipeline.<ref></ref>
== Features ==

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