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Template:Localized Release Announcement

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Translated dates, alt texts, new doc, more languages. Note: We need to update "Template:News"
<includeonly><!--Note: {{#time: format | time | lang}}; format: d = day, F = Full Monthname, Y = Year - see also>{{LangSwitch| en = <!-- English --> <!-- Date in Bold. See note above. -->*'''{{#time: F d"," Y | {{{date}}} | en}}:''' <!-- Is "version=" given? -->{{#if: {{{version|}}} <!-- yes: show release note with "codename" (if given) --> | FlightGear [[Changelog {{{version}}}|{{{version}}}]] {{#if:{{{codename|}}}|"{{{codename}}}"}} is released. <!-- no: show translated text or english text or any text or nothing --> | {{{en|{{{en|{{{1|}}}}}}}}}}}| ca = <!-- Catalan -->* '''{{#time: d F Y | {{{date}}} | ca}}:''' {{#if: {{{version|}}} | FlightGear [[Changelog {{{version}}}|{{{version}}}]] {{#if:{{{codename|}}}|"{{{codename}}}"}} llançat. | {{{ca|{{{en|{{{1|}}}}}}}}}}}
| de = <!-- German -->
* '''{{#time: d"." F Y | {{{date}}} | de}}:''' {{#if: {{{version|}}} | FlightGear [[Changelog {{{version}}} |{{{version}}}]] {{#if:{{{codename|}}} |"{{{codename}}}"}} wird veröffentlicht. | {{{de|{{{en|{{{1|}}}}}}}}}}}
| es = <!-- Spanish -->
* '''{{#time: d "de" F "de" Y | {{{date}}} | es}}:''' {{#if: {{{version|}}} | FlightGear [[Changelog {{{version}}} |{{{version}}}]] {{#if:{{{codename|}}}|"{{{codename}}}"}} lanzado. | {{{es|{{{en|{{{1|}}}}}}}}}}}| ca fr = <!-- Catalan French -->* '''{{#time: d F Y | {{{date}}} | fr}}:''' {{#if: {{{version|}}} | FlightGear [[Changelog {{{version}}} |{{{version}}}]] {{#if:{{{codename|}}}|"{{{codename}}}"}} publiée. | {{{fr|{{{en|{{{1|}}}}}}}}}}} llançat
| it = <!-- Italian -->
* '''{{#time: d F Y | {{{date}}} | it}}:''' {{#if: {{{version|}}} | FlightGear [[Changelog {{{version}}} |{{{version}}}]] {{#if:{{{codename|}}}|"{{{codename}}}"}} rilasciato. | {{{it|{{{en|{{{1|}}}}}}}}}}}
| nl = <!-- Dutch -->
* '''{{#time: d F Y | {{{date}}} | nl}}:''' {{#if: {{{version|}}} | FlightGear [[Changelog {{{version}}} |{{{version}}}]] {{#if:{{{codename|}}}|"{{{codename}}}"}} vrijgegeven. | {{{nl|{{{en|{{{1|}}}}}}}}}}}
| pl = <!-- Polish -->
* '''{{#time: d F Y | {{{date}}} | pl}}:''' {{#if: {{{version|}}} | FlightGear [[Changelog {{{version}}} |{{{version}}}]] {{#if:{{{codename|}}}|"{{{codename}}}"}} wydana. | {{{pl|{{{en |{{{1|}}}}}}}}}}}| pt = <!-- English Português --> * '''{{#time: d "de" F "de" Y | {{{date}}} | pt}}:''' {{#if: {{{version|}}} | Lançado o FlightGear [[Changelog {{{version}}}|{{{version}}}]] {{#if:{{{codename|}}} released |"{{{codename}}}"}}. | {{{langpt|{{{en|{{{1|}}}}}}}}}}}| ru = <!-- Russian -->* '''{{#time: d F Y | {{{date}}} | ru}}:''' {{#if: {{{version|}}} | ??????? FlightGear [[Changelog {{{version}}}|{{{version}}}]] {{#if:{{{codename|}}}|"{{{codename}}}"}}. | {{{ru|{{{en|{{{1|}}}}}}}}}}}| sl = <!-- Sl -->* '''{{#time: d. F Y | {{{date}}} | sl}}:''' {{#if: {{{version|}}} | FlightGear [[Changelog {{{version}}}|{{{version}}}]] {{#if:{{{codename|}}}|"{{{codename}}}"}} objaviti. | {{{ru|{{{en|{{{1|}}}}}}}}}}}| lang={{{lang|}}}}}</includeonly><noinclude>{{WIP|<big>'''It all works. We could use this template right away!'''</big>}}
{{Informative template|1=
== Goal ==
This template is used for showing FlightGear release dates translating news in the {{tl|news}} template displayed on the [[Main Page]]. * Translated dates based on language prefix of the main page. * For a new FlightGear release it will show (translated) texts.* You can also type in custom text and its translations for not release-specific news (but keep the dates).
The template will show translated texts depending on the language prefix of the page it is on. If there is no translation it will fall back to English.
== Usage ==
{{obr}}'''Localized Release Announcement''' {{!}}date= {{!}}version= {{!}}codename= {{!}}''lang=''{{cbr}} <small>{{obr}}'''Localized Release Announcement'''{{!}}date= {{!}}en={{!}}ca={{!}}de={{!}}es={{!}}fr={{!}}it={{!}}nl={{!}}pl={{!}}pt={{!}}ru={{!}}sl={{cbr}}</small>
All parameters but '''lang''' are mandatory.
; date: Date of the release in <Month> <d>, <yyyy> format, for example All parameters but '''{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTDAY}}, {{CURRENTYEAR}}date'''are optional.
; versiondate: Version Date of the releasein any format like ''<d>-<m>-<yyyy>'' (or ''<Month> <d>, <yyyy>''), for example '''3.4{{#time: d-m-Y|now}}'''.
; langversion: Language override Version of the release, for testing and demonstration purposesexample '''3.4''' or '''{{Current release|cr}}.2'''. (optional)
== Example == {{obr}}Localized Release Announcement {{!}}date={{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTDAY}}; codename: Default airport or name of release, {{CURRENTYEAR}} {{!}}version=3for example '''Bergen'''.4{{cbr}}(optional)
; LE(en/es/fr): For other news to be used like {{Localized Release Announcement tl|date={{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTDAYLangSwitch}}, {{CURRENTYEAR}} for example <code><nowiki>|versionen =3Hello World | de = Hallo Welt | es.4}}..</nowiki></code> (optional)
; lang: Language override for testing and demonstration purposes. (optional)
== Example ==
===With Codename===
{{obr}}Localized Release Announcement {{!}}date={{#time: d-m-Y|now}} {{!}}version={{Current release|cr}} {{!}}codename=Bergen{{cbr}}
{{Localized Release Announcement|date={{#time: d-m-Y|now}}|version={{Current release|cr}}|codename=Bergen}}
or in Português:
{{Localized Release Announcement|date={{#time: d-m-Y|now}}|version={{Current release|cr}}|codename=Bergen|lang=pt}}
===Without Codename===
{{obr}}Localized Release Announcement {{!}}date={{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTDAY}}, {{CURRENTYEAR}} {{!}}version=3.6{{cbr}} (Spanish [[Es/Portada]])
{{Localized Release Announcement|date={{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTDAY}}, {{CURRENTYEAR}}|version=3.6}}
On a spanish Page like [[Es/Portada]]:
{{Localized Release Announcement|date={{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTDAY}}, {{CURRENTYEAR}}|version=3.6|lang=es}}
===Translated Date only===
{{obr}}Localized Release Announcement {{!}}date={{#time: d-m-Y|now}} {{cbr}}
{{Localized Release Announcement|date={{#time: d-m-Y|now}}}}
or Russian {{Localized Release Announcement|date={{#time: d-m-Y|now}}|lang=ru}}
Then add your message.
===Other News===
{{obr}}Localized Release Announcement {{!}}date={{#time: d-m-Y|now}}
{{!}}en=Hello World
{{!}}de=Hallo Welt
{{!}}pt=Olá mundo
{{!}}it=Ciao mondo
{{Localized Release Announcement|date={{#time: d-m-Y|now}}|en=Hello World|de=Hallo Welt|pt=Olá mundo|it=Ciao mondo}}
{{Localized Release Announcement|date={{#time: d-m-Y|now}}|en=Hello World|de=Hallo Welt|pt=Olá mundo|it=Ciao mondo|lang=it}}
Dutch (nl) - no translation for message given here, shows english message and dutch date (just like {{tl|LangSwitch}})
{{Localized Release Announcement|date={{#time: d-m-Y|now}}|en=Hello World|de=Hallo Welt|pt=Olá mundo|it=Ciao mondo|lang=nl}}
== Related templates ==
* {{tl|news}}

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