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FlightGear configuration via XML

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== defaults.xml and autosave.xml ==
FlightGear installs with a configuration already set up in a XML file, {{Base Package FilenameResource|filename=preferences.xml}}. Some of these settings are preserved between FlightGear sessions in another file, <code>autosave.xml</code>. All settings contained in these two files get parsed by FlightGear while it starts up.
Some of the properties in {{Base Package FilenameResource|filename=preferences.xml}} have an XML attribute, <code>userarchive</code>, that automatically add any changes of those properties to <code>autosave.xml</code>.
we should absolutely stop telling anyone to edit {{Base Package FilenameResource|filename=preferences.xml}} in FG_ROOT; any documentation or advice which says to should be changes ASAP. <ref>{{cite web
|url =
|title = <nowiki> Re: NavCache:init failed:Sqlite error:Sqlite API abuse </nowiki>
=== defaults.xml ===
{{Main article|defaults.xml}}
{{Base Package FilenameResource|filename=preferences.xml}} is FlightGear's main configuration file and is located within [[$FG_ROOT]].
Using the [[PropertyList XML files|property-list]] format it sets up a large number of [[Property tree|properties]] and their values that determines various settings of FlightGear. It more or less contain all settings that can be set. All settings contained within this file get parsed by FlightGear while it starts up.

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