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Load and start the FG1000 system
=== Load and start the FG1000 system ===
See FG1000/Nasal/FG1000.nas for full details,including how to pass in the EIS. A simple FG1000 using the generic EIS, anddisplaying PFD on device-number 1 and an MFD on device-number 2 is as follows:
<syntaxhighlight lang="nasal">
var nasal_dir = getprop("/sim/fg-root") ~ "/Aircraft/Instruments-3d/FG1000/Nasal/";
io.load_nasal(nasal_dir ~ 'FG1000.nas', "fg1000");
io.load_nasal(nasal_dir ~ 'Interfaces/GenericInterfaceController.nas', "fg1000");
# Start the interface controller that maps from properties to Emesary messages that are then displayed
var interfaceController = fg1000.GenericInterfaceController.getOrCreateInstance();
# Create the FG1000

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