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Create an EIS Display
This is the Engine Information System and displays on the left side of the MFD.
There A simply EIS for the Cessna 182T is a generic EIS provided(see FG1000/Nasal/EIS, and FG1000/MFDPages/EIS.svg) that is intended to matcha Cessna 172. If For other aircraft you will need something different, you should to create your ownEIS class and SVG file. The simplest way to do this is
Note that you need # Copy Aircraft/Instruments-3d/FG1000/EIS into your aircraft Nasal directory. Re-name EIS-c182t.nas to pass data something sensible (e.g. EIS-[aircraft].nas). Don't forget to/rename the class itself!# Copy one of the EIS .svg files from Aircraft/Instruments-3d/FG1000/MFDPages into your aircraft Nasal. Modify it as required, noting the engine using Emesarynames of objects and how they map to the EIS.nas file. See# Copy Aircraft/Instruments-3d/FG1000/Nasal/Interfaces/GenericEISPublisher.nas into your Nasal directory, and rename it (e.g. [aircraft]EISPublisher.nas. Don't forget to rename the class itself! Modify it to publish the correct set of properties to Emesary. Note that for a reference implementationmultiple engine aircraft you need to modify the publish() method.# Copy Aircraft/Instruments-3d/FG1000/Nasal/Interfaces/GenericInterfaceController.nas into your Nasal directory, and rename it (e.g. [aircraft]InterfaceController.nas). Modify it to refer to your new [aircraft]EISPublisher.# Finally, modify whatever Nasal you use to load the FG1000 to pass in the new EIS class and SVG file. Note that you need to load the EIS Controller, style and Options classes as well. This is what your Nasal file may look like at the end: <nowiki># Load custom Interface controller, which will refer to the'AircraftInterfaceController.nas');var interfaceController = AircraftInterfaceController.getOrCreateInstance();interfaceController.start(); # Load the custom EIS displayio.load_nasal(EIS.nas', "eis");io.load_nasal(EISController.nas', "eis");io.load_nasal(EISStyles.nas', "eis");io.load_nasal(EISOptions.nas', "eis");var EIS_Class = eis.EIS; # Create the FG1000 using custom EISvar fg1000system = fg1000.FG1000.getOrCreateInstance(EIS_Class, "Nasal/EIS.svg);</nowiki>
=== Load and start the FG1000 system ===

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