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QtQuick use in FlightGear

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On QtQuick in 2018: update to summarize things for 2018 ...
== On QtQuick in 2018 ==
PUI we’re using at the moment but has some bugs as noted, but James is making good progress towards the new UI, and we’re already close to the point where PUI is optional at both runtime and compile time.<ref></ref>
There is some divided ideas on the way the 2D UI in the sim should go, but for avionics and heavily-styled dialogs Canvas is certainly the best option. (For example, a custom fuel dialog for an aircraft, with a clickable diagram of fuel tanks and valves)
The launcher uses Qt widgets but is moving to QtQuick, so that it’s easier for non-C++ developers to contribute to - and James plan is to then use this same QtQuick UI inside the sim, to replace PUI.
This will involve consolidating several of the current dialogs, into a more modern UI structure. Help with this will be appreciated when the basic structures arrives in the next couple of months.
(We will likely also keep PUI as a compile-time option, or even run-time option, for a while when the Qt UI arrives, since Ui changes tend to need a while to mature and figure out everyone’s uses) <ref></ref>
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