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General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon/info

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| name = General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon
| hangar = fgaddon
| aircraft = F-16f16
| image = General Dynamics F16.jpg
| image2 = F16Amberly.jpg
| authors = Erik Hofman/Pensacola (skin textures)/Martin "Pegasus" Schmitt (panel textures)/Richard Harrison (MFD, HUD)/Nikolai V. Chr. (YF-16 Aero and FCS)/J Maverick 16/Joshua Davidson/Martien Van Der P./others
| fdm = JSBSim
| fgname = Ff16-16block-10| fgname = f16-block-20| fgname = f16-block-30| fgname = f16-block-32| fgname = f16-block-40| fgname = f16-block-42| fgname = f16-block-50| fgname = f16-block-52| fgname = f16-block-60| fgname = f16-simplified
| fgname1 = YF-16
| status-fdm = 5

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