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Nasal Loops

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timers or listeners are only really preferable over loops when it comes to checking for some condition, because polling is called "busy-waiting", i.e. more expensive, see my previous analogy.
A listener or timer "waiting" is not resource-hungry, it's not even busy - it's not doing anything until it is "fired".
Regarding {{func link|setprop()}}/{{func link|getprop()}} - they're not as bad as we used to think - in fact, Thorsten has shown that they're preferable over most [[Nasal library/props|props.nas APIs}}]], this may however change once the whole thing is replaced with [[Nasal/CppBind|cppbind bindings]].
Well loops aren't bad necessarily: they can be used in a less-than-optimal manner, but there are often times where they make a lot of sense. Some pros and cons of both:

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