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British Aerospace Sea Harrier

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The '''British Aerospace Sea Harrier''' (informally '''Shar''') is a naval short take-off and vertical-landing/vertical take-off and landing jet fighter, reconnaissance and attack aircraft, and a development of the [[Hawker_Siddeley_Harrier_GR1Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR1|Hawker Siddeley Harrier]]. It first entered service with the Royal Navy in April 1980 as the Sea Harrier {{Abbrabbr|FRS1|Fighter, Reconnaissance, Strike, Mk. 1}} and became informally known as the "Shar" ('''S'''ea '''Har'''rier). Unusual in an era in which most naval and land-based air superiority fighters were large and supersonic, the principal role of the subsonic Sea Harrier was to provide air defence of the fleet from Royal Navy aircraft carriers. Retired in 2006, today there is only one airworthy Sea Harrier in the world. XZ439, a restored former Royal Navy Sea Harrier FA2, is operated in the United States by Art Nalls, a former USMC pilot ([http://www.nallsaviation.com/ website]).
The version currently modeled in [[FlightGear]] is the Sea Harrier {{Abbrabbr|FA2|Fighter, Attack, Mk. 2}}, an improved version with the {{Wikipediawikipedia|Blue Vixen}} radar and the {{Wikipediawikipedia|AIM-120 AMRAAM}} missile.
== Keyboard controls ==
! Function
|{{Key key press|m}}
|Vector thrust upwards
|{{Key key press|Shift|m}}
|Vector thrust downwards
|{{Key key press|h}}
|Toggle HUD on/off
|{{Key key press|j}}
|Decrease air brake
|{{Key key press|k}}
|Increase air brake
|{{Key key press|e}}
|Release ordinance/fire gun
|{{Key key press|w}}
|Cycle stick mode selector
|{{Key key press|Ctrl|w}}
|Toggle station arming
|{{Key key press|Ctrl|f}}
|Release countermeasure
|{{Key key press|1}}/{{Key key press|2}}/{{Key key press|3}}/{{Key key press|4}}/{{Key key press|5}}/{{Key key press|6}}/{{Key key press|7}}
|Select station
|{{Key key press|Shift|<nowiki>]</nowiki>}}
|{{Key key press|Shift|c}}
|Toggle canopy
|{{Key key press|n}}
|Next target
|{{Key key press|Ctrl|n}}
|Previous target
* Realistic [[autopilot]]
* Modeled limits
* [[Canvas]] {{Abbrabbr|HDD|Head-down Display}}
* Flare/chaff system
* {{Abbrabbr|CCIP|Constantly-Computed Impact Point}} bombing system* {{Abbrabbr|RWR|Radar Warning Receiver}}
* Bombable-compatible AI aircraft
* Fuel System
* [[Instant Replay]] support
* Custom failures based on the new [[A_Failure_Management_Framework_for_FlightGearA Failure Management Framework for FlightGear|custom failures framework]].
* Backwards compatibility (tested on both FG 3.2 and 2.12.0)
* [[Howto:Implement pushback|Pushback]] truck
* New radar (possibly using [[Canvas Radar]])
* Autoland system
* Realistic {{Abbrabbr|SMS|Stores Management System}}
=== FDM ===
== See also ==
* [https://forum.flightgear.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=24711 Forum topic]
* [https://www.dropbox.com/s/9cyuq7gcsks09igkot5l0x8oi9k5oy/AI%20harrier%20%26%20scenario.zip?dl=0 Bombable-compatible AI aircraft and scenario]
=== External links ===

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