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FlightGear Newsletter April 2018

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Development news
This is supported within the Checklist dialog, and also by the FG1000.
=== FG1000 Update ===
Speaking of the FG1000, this now has pages for the current flightplan and checklists, as well as a fully functional moving map and PFD. It is available from the Debug menu for those running in in development mode. The current status can be found here: [[FG1000]]
<gallery mode=packed widths=230px heights=230px>
PFD 20180406.png|FG1000 PFD showing inset map, current wind data, HSI with GPS bearing, active flightplan list
MFD 20180406.png|FG1000 MFD with Cessna 182T Engine Information System (EIS), and Active Flightplan
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