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=== Gallery ===
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FG1000-03-2018-created-by-RichardPFD 20180406.png|another screen shot that Richard grabbed when Stuart was showing him the FG1000 in 03/2018Fg1000-pdf.png|Screenshot showing a [[Canvas]] GUI dialog with an embedded FG1000 PFD (early version from 03/2018)Fg1000-pfd-with-inset-map.png|[[FG1000]] screenshot showing the new inset map added in 03/2018, current wind data, HSI with GPS bearing, active flightplan listFg1000 mfdMFD 20180406.jpgpng|PUI-canvas FG1000 early prototype using PUI dialog to speed up development MFD with Cessna 182T Engine Information System (11/2017EIS), and Active Flightplan

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