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Cppunit effort

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== Motivation ==
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The original testing approach was designed to make running individual tests quite light-weight and easy during development, but allow the full test-suite to be run during a Jenkins build and James would like to see both of those remain in any change to the testing setup. There’s may ways to achieve that end result of course, but some core developers rely on the ‘make changes, hit build-and-run, see tests fail or pass, repeat’ as a workflow very often, so it’s a priority for them that this workflow remains.<ref>{{cite web
|url =
|title = <nowiki> Re: [Flightgear-devel] RFC: Working on a testing strategy for
FlightGear. </nowiki>
|author = <nowiki> James Turner </nowiki>
|date = Mar 5th, 2018
|added = Mar 5th, 2018
|script_version = 0.36
== Background ==

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