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Cppunit effort

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== Structure ==
We could encourage beginners to add code where they wish in the test suite directories. Keeping it all in a separate directory keeps the codebase much cleaner. In addition, the test suite directories end up having a lot of test data added. Probably, such a chaotic collection of cross-subsystem tests, different test categories, and piles of test data should be isolated from the flightgear src/ directory. This could encourage potential developers to learn about fgfs internals without having to worry about any conventions or stepping on anyone's toes.<ref>{{cite web
|url =
|title = <nowiki> Re: [Flightgear-devel] A FlightGear test suite using CppUnit. </nowiki>
|author = <nowiki> Edward d'Auvergne </nowiki>
|date = Mar 18th, 2017
|added = Mar 18th, 2017
|script_version = 0.36
Another point is that one new test category curently being considered is adding a FGData Nasal script category, where the FGNasalSys subsystem is repetitively initialised and the FGData code is then extensively tested, these tests should be probably not be in $FG_ROOT/Nasal/. <ref>{{cite web

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