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Flightgear Subsystems

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==== Flightgear Subsystems ====
As part of an effort to understand the flightgear codebase in enough detail to begin working on it, I'm collecting information about various aspects of the code.
I've begun to organize this work on subpages of [[User:Callahanp/Flightgear and Simgear Code]]
This page was an early version that should have been started there. Since I'm the only author (other than Hooray, who has added his comments) and its actually work in progress, I'm moving it to
[[User:Callahanp/Flightgear and Simgear Code/Subsystems]]
The Flightgear and Simgear codebase can be broken down into subsystems. Some of these are Managed and accessed through simgear's SGSubsystemMgr. Others have their own componentManager independent of SGSubsystemMgr. Still others have no Manager function per se.
* How Sub-Systems are managed
* Subsystems that are not managed
* How the main event loop works
* How properties are set and how their values are accessed. This includes understanding the concept of "tied" properties.

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