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Translation requests

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Updated the C172P, Altitude status in Russian and added a warning about the problem with external links in Wiki mobile view
{{Warning|There is currently a SQL database bug that prevents non-latin characters from being in the page title. If you edit the page, you will see "''A database query error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software.''". If you encounter this, please switch to ''mobile view'' to edit the page (see the links at the bottom of the page). Note that adding or editing external links will throw errors in mobile view.}}
Please post your translation requests here, so that other people can more easily track what's going on, hopefully avoiding duplicate efforts.
|| {{progressbar|0|10|link=Altitude}} <!-- Polski -->
|| {{progressbar|0|10|link=Altitude}} <!-- Português -->
|| {{progressbar|1090|10|link=:ru:Высота полёта}} <!-- Русский -->
|| {{progressbar|0|10|link=Altitude}} <!-- Slovenščina -->
|| {{progressbar|0|10|link=Altitude}} <!-- Српски / srpski -->
|| {{progressbar|0|10|link=Cessna 172P}} <!-- Polski -->
|| {{progressbar|0|10|link=Cessna 172P}} <!-- Português -->
|| {{progressbar|10090|10|link=:ru:Cessna 172P}} <!-- Русский -->
|| {{progressbar|0|10|link=Cessna 172P}} <!-- Slovenščina -->
|| {{progressbar|0|10|link=Cessna 172P}} <!-- Српски / srpski -->

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