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= Overview =
[[File:FGBlenderTools Import BTG.png|thumb|left|700px800px|BTG import of PHNL Honolulu and surrounding area]]
'''Flightgear Blender Development Tools''' (a.k.a FGBlenderTools) are a set a Blender addon tools to aid content authors in producing scenery and aircraft for [[Flightgear]].
= Installation =
[[File:FGBlenderTools_Install_Addons.png|thumb|700px800px|Add-ons planned for initial release|left]]
After placing the add-ons packages into Blender's '''/scripts/addons_contrib''' folder (e.g. <Blender_Dir>/bin/<release>/scripts/addons_contrib) you will need to activate the add-ons via the '''File > User Preferences...''' dialog. The add-ons will appear in the ''Testing'' Support Level section.

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