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Current Status
As of 01/2018, an initial implementation of the MFD is available on git/next from the Debug Menu->FG1000. It includes a native [[Canvas]]-based surround using an SVG file, Engine Information System (EIS), page group selection using the FMS control, plus a selection of pages (see below).
There's still a huge number of pages to write, and the pages around route planning will likely be particular particularly challenging, but it should be far faster now these blocks are in place. The other key piece that hasn't been started is the PFD. If anyone is interested in this as a project (it should be easierthan the MFD!) then please get in touch with Stuart. Equally, if anyone is interested in creating a specific page, please also get in touch. The various ''Nearest... and ...Information '' pages should be quite easy to do based on the pages that have been written already. See the Design Notes for details.
Next steps:
* Styling the pages - making the iconography match Garmin exactly.
It is now pretty usable as a moving map and EFB, though Stuart is still planning to integrate the [[Route Manager|route manager]].
== A Cheat's Guide to Using the FG1000 ==

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