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FlightGear wiki:Instant-Refs

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[[File:Ref-only-quotes.png|thumb|Instant-Cquotes screenshot prototyping runtime format selection]]
The '''Instant-Refs''' (renamed in 11/2016, originally, Instant-cquotes) script is a browser addon (user scriptas of late 2017, a so called web-extension) implemented in JavaScript that started out as a user script in order to convert excerpts (created via copy&paste) from FlightGear forum or [[mailing list]] postings into MediaWiki markup/quotes to be used on the FlightGear wiki. It is supported by Firefox, Google Chrome/Chromium, Opera and Safari.  It is being developed and maintained by a group of volunteers involved in maintaining the wiki and in trying to provide more up-to-date information to end-users who may not be as involved in the various FlightGear-related communication channels.
== Background and motivation ==

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