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Howto:Canvas Skinning

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== Background ==
[[File:Oscilloscope.png|thumb|rleibner's new Oscilloscope addon is working.This screenshot shows the usual c172p "magnetos checking" Channel 1 (yellow) is '''rpm''' (100 rpm / div).Channel 2 (mauve) is '''magnetos''' (1 / div).Time sweep is 200 ms / div.The idea is to share it as an addon. Mainly to have some feedback about plot2D/graph.<ref>{{cite web |url = https://forum.flightgear.org/viewtopic.php?p=325929#p325929 |title = <nowiki> Re: Plot2D and graph helpers </nowiki> |author = <nowiki> rleibner </nowiki> |date = Jan 6th, 2018 |added = Jan 6th, 2018 |script_version = 0.36 }}</ref>]]
when creating new instruments/MFDs, you will find that the Canvas GUI API is lacking many widgets that would be useful:
* [[Canvas Widget Matrix]]
* [[Howto:Creating a Canvas GUI Widget]]
Thus, you would end up using either a conventional [[PUI]] dialog, or create custom widgets from scratch.
Alternatively, a good/better workaround may be to use a raster image and register event listeners, to show an embedded canvas with the actual canvas displayed separately - that is an approach that F-JJTH originally came up with.
Basically, you'd have a "shell" with controls (think widgets) and an inner canvas showing the actual graph, which is accomplished using clipping (you can treat another canvas as a raster image and place it in an outer canvas) - for example, the red area is treated as a screen region, where the instrument is displayed, whereas the outer area is just a conventional raster image that responds to "events" to set up the instrument/oscilloscope):[[File:Canvas-mfd-framework-prototyping.png|250px]]Note that this would make it possible to have all sorts of custom "skins" (think themes) for your "oscilloscope" - if that's what you are having in mind, i.e. without having to create any missing GUI widgets from scratch, and also without having to use the legacy PUI engine.<ref>{{cite web |url = https://forum.flightgear.org/viewtopic.php?p=325378#p325378 |title = <nowiki> Re: Plot2D and graph helpers </nowiki> |author = <nowiki> Hooray </nowiki> |date = Dec 28th, 2017 |added = Dec 28th, 2017 |script_version = 0.36 }}</ref>

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