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FlightGear Newsletter December 2017

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If you want to participate in the screenshot contest of January 2018, you can submit your candidate to [ this] forum topic. Be sure to see the [ first post] for participation rules. For purposes of convenience and organization, after all the entries have been submitted, a new forum topic will be started containing all shots in an easy-to-view layout. The voting will then take place there. Once the voting has finished, the best screenshot will be presented in the Newsletter edition of January 2018
You can also vote for ==== Screenshot(s) of the SOTY Year 2017 at [ ==The contest this topic]year had many great screenshots, making it a difficult choice! The poll eventually ended in a tie, with the two winning screenshots being...
1. Having some fun in the Basque Country by xcvb
[[File:SOTY-2017.jpeg|900px|center|Having some fun in the Basque Country]]
2. Jurassic Park by Thorsten
[[File:SOTY-2017-2.jpeg|900px|center|Jurassic Park]]
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