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'''My Profile''' i set goals here, i talk about what i love to do, and i participate with disscussion concerning team work. ::interested mostly in learning development through something fun like aircraft, skip the boring part of programming. [[User:Hamzaalloush|Hamzaalloush]] ([[User talk:Hamzaalloush|talk]]) 18:43, 20 March 2015 (EDT) ==This article space is a stub== ==Goal: Utilizing FG API and Canvas for a non-related applications== irent''m at the process of developing a thermodynamic IC analysis model, that draws plots using Canvas, while multi-threading the calculation and drawing processes seperatley, using a C++ backend. the application update rate is expected to be around ~700hz. the goal is to get familiar with FG internals, and find it's advantages for using it as a developers API. ==Choosing a path==* Running a minimal FG environment with Canvas, aka "fgcanvas", see: [[]] {{FGCquote |using FG in "fgcanvas" mode, which is FG with Canvas and all related subsystems, but everything else entirely disabled (no aircraft, fdm, scenery/terrain etc), This will involve building and patching FG - i.e. removing unneeded stuff - but there are already patches doing this to some extent.So for plotting purposes, you would basically be using a subset of FG, which would then merely be the framework/platform, but no longer be running as a "flight simulator". |{{cite web |url= |title=<nowiki>Simgear-based subsystem with Canvas support?</nowiki> |author=<nowiki>Hooray</nowiki> |date=<nowiki>Thu Apr 02</nowiki> }}}} * create a SGSubsystemMgr-based application. see [[FGRadar]] or [[FGPanel]] for such implementations.   looks like FGPanel not seperated from FlightGear, it contains an instance of a pointer that leads to an FGInstrumentLayer object, that transforms the 2d instruments on the panel. -[[User:Hamzaalloush|Hamzaalloush]] ([[User talk:Hamzaalloush|talk]]) 19:34, 4 April 2015 (EDT)

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