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== Design ==
The broad structure of the Nasal files in Aircaft/Instruments-3d/FG1000/Nasal is as follows:
* MFD.nas - top level MFD device, loads the other Nasal files (likely to be moved elsewhere later) and pages.
* EIS.nas - Engine Information System. Currently a simple C172s is displayed, needs to be more generic and to use Emesary
* Drivers/EISDriver.nas - driver for the Engine Information System. Likely to be replaced with Emesary
* PageGroupControllers.nas - controller for the Page Group display in the bottom right of the MFD, controlled by the FMS knob, and which allows selection between different page groups and individual pages.
* [PageName]/[PageName].nas - MFD page, inheriting from the MDF_Generic.PFD_Page. Creates any required MapStructure and hierarchy of softkeys.
* [PageName]/[PageName]Controller.nas - Controller for the MFD page and the MapStructure layers.
* [PageName]/[PageName]Style.nas - Style controls for the MapStructure layers for the give Page.
* [PageName]/[PageName]Options.nas - Options for the MapStructure layers for the give Page.
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