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AI Systems

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Scenario File definition
It looks much the same as the ship AI code. There are two differences, the <class> item and the <bank> item.
* The <code>class</code> specifies the type of aircraft and its flight characteristics/performance. You can find the allowed values for this property in {{fgdata file|AI/Aircraft/performancedb.xml}}. <br>If the class is set to "tanker" and the airplane actually is configured to be a tanker, than it will allow you to refuel if you can get close behind it (see also [[Howto:Aerial_refueling]]). * The <code>bank </code> is of course similar to the ship's rudder. In the above example the A-4 will be orbiting to the left at 15 degrees of bank. Negative values are left, positive values right (for <code>pitch</code> negative is nose down).
You can also create a ship or airplane with a flight plan. In this case the object will follow the flight plan, and then delete itself when it reaches the end. The flight plans are kept in {{fgdata file|AI/FlightPlans}}. To create an airplane with a flightplan do this:

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