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Quick update
{{Stub}}[[File:Fg1000 mfd.jpg|thumb|PUI-canvas FG1000 early prototype using PUI dialog to speed up development]]
[[File:StuartsSlippyMap1.png|thumb|Stuart pushed some changes to fgdata with OpenStreetMap, OpenAIP and VFRMap layers for the Canvas Map Layer system, which can be seen on the canvas map dialog. They use a generic Slippy Map OverlayLayer Map Layer. Additional web-based mapping can be trivially added by creating a new lcontroller. See Nasal/Canvas/map/OpenAIP.lcontroller for an example.Stuart also added a Web Mercator Projection to the Canvas Map support.The wiki will be updated shortly.<ref>{{cite web |url = |title Status = <nowiki> Re: Canvas G1000 </nowiki> |author = <nowiki> stuart </nowiki> |date = Sep 28th, 2017 |added = Sep 28th, 2017 |script_version = 0.40 }}</ref>]]
Most of the underlying MapStructure layers are now written (though they require styling, and/or would benefit from replacement with vector data). Stuart has started working on the initial architecture using the MFD framework, using an initial PUI-based prototype to speed up development. This has the great benefit of allowing all the code to be re-loaded every time the dialog loads, rather than requiring a re-init of the aircraft. It also helps ensure the architecture isn't dependent on a particular model.
== Status ==
{{Main article|Canvas_News#G1000_.26_MapStructure_improvements}}
Stuart wants to build a set of layers for a G1000-like implementation - the canvas map UI is really just a way to display it. <ref>{{cite web
When he gets the chance he's going to write a quick wiki article on the MapStructure layers that need to be implemented for the G1000 implementation. That might help to coordinate efforts as well.<ref>{{cite web
|url =
|title = <nowiki> Re: [Flightgear-devel] Canvas MapLayer for OpenStreetMap, OpenAIP,
VFR Sectionals </nowiki>
|author = <nowiki> Stuart Buchanan </nowiki>
|date = Oct 2nd, 2017
|added = Oct 2nd, 2017
|script_version = 0.40
See [[#Layers]]

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