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October 2017
|date = Oct 13th, 2017
|added = Oct 13th, 2017
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=== September 2017 ===
Stuart added some new Nasal Canvas MapLayers to support Slippy Maps, as used by most web-based mapping services such as openstreetmap. This allows us to display sectional charts (for the US -, and airspace information (courtesy of, as well as a openstreetmap data. The canvas Map dialog has been updated to support these layers. Map data is retrieved over http and cached locally.<ref>{{cite web
|url =
|title = <nowiki> [Flightgear-devel] Canvas MapLayer for OpenStreetMap, OpenAIP,
VFR Sectionals </nowiki>
|author = <nowiki> Stuart Buchanan </nowiki>
|date = Sep 28th, 2017
|added = Sep 28th, 2017
|script_version = 0.40

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