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== Challenges ==
=== Navdata ===
we need some better data sources, especially with direct routing replacing airways in many areas, and having airspace data would help the map displays, but the current API is specifically designed to support G430, G1000 and similar class devices. Adding RNAV approaches is eminently doable, see the the RNavController base class which the GPS/FMS layer uses to allow new waypoint / route segments to define how they are flown and drive CDIs <ref>{{cite web
|url = https://sourceforge.net/p/flightgear/mailman/message/35927598/
|title = <nowiki> Re: [Flightgear-devel] RFD: FlightGear and the changing state of
air navigation </nowiki>
|author = <nowiki> James Turner </nowiki>
|date = Jul 4th, 2017
|added = Jul 4th, 2017
|script_version = 0.40
Getting the algorithms right, and keeping the data up to date every 7 weeks (we have only a tiny sliver of that data currently), is going to be much more of a challenge. I expect that it's probably an order of magnitude more complicated than our current flight dynamics (etc.), so we'd have to grow our contributor base, and find funding to pay at least Curt (and maybe a couple of others) full time to manage the project. Note that that's what has happened for other complex FOSS projects, like office suites and browsers, which generally end up working through a foundation, rather than our current relaxed circle-of-friends arrangement. The reason it's so much harder now is that the software *is* the product for GPS navigators, FMSs, etc. (unlike with older avionics, where the hardware was the main thing). That means that emulating even a simple unit like the GTN 650 or GNS 430W is almost difficult as building one, so we're trying to keep up with armies of full-time software developers at Garmin, Avidyne, etc.<ref>{{cite web
|url = https://sourceforge.net/p/flightgear/mailman/message/35927243/

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