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Howto:Canvas View Camera Element

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Implementation details / for the reviewer
<syntaxhighlight lang="nasal">
var (width,height) = (512,512);
var ELEMENT_NAME = "viewcameraviewcam";
var display_view = func(view=0) {
var title = 'Canvas test:' ~ ELEMENT_NAME;
var window = canvas.Window.new([width,height],"dialog").set('title',title);
var child = root.createChild( ELEMENT_NAME );
# child.set("view-number", view);
} # display_view()
var totalViews = props.getNode("sim").getChildren("view");
display_view(view: 3);
var totalViews = props.getNode("sim").getChildren("view");forindex(var v;totalViews) { display_view(view: v);}</syntaxhighlight>
Aircraft developers can use the new Canvas '''view''' element simply by using the conventional approach to replace a static texture with a Canvas using a cockpit placement.

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