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| developedby = Michael Filhol
| initialrelease = February 1, 2015
| latestrelease = 1.3.3 4 (July 23August 6, 2017)
| writtenin = Python3
| os = Any
'''ATC-pie''' is an [[air traffic control]] simulation program allowing to play solo games, connect to [[FlightGear]] multi-player networks and set up tutorial sessions for teacher supervision of an ATC student. It features en-route centre control (CTR) as well as airport-based service (TWR, APP, GND...) where 3d and 3D tower viewing is possiblewith FlightGear. Voice instruction recognition and pilot speech synthesis are also featured in solo games. It is essentially designed for realism and simulates many tasks and situations of real-life ATC such as:
* strip rack and sequence management;
* transponder identification;
* routing and conflict anticipation.
The program is free and open source, and programmed in Python3 for Qt5 hence system-independant. Only Python3 and its Qt5 bindings must be installed. That done, it is meant to work straight away, with no make/compile command to run or external resource to install. The whole world is immediately available on radar. Tower viewing requires a running FlightGear installation and the appropriate FlightGear aircraft and scenery.
== Screenshots ==
* Teacher–student tutoring sessions
* For all session types: en-route centre or airport control mode
* For all airport sessions: 3d 3D tower view available
Common data sources:

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