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Canvas ND Framework

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Aircraft Support
* 05/2016: it0uchpods, J Maverick 16 (KC-137R) {{Progressbar|90}}
* 10/2016: clm76 (CitationX) {{Progressbar|10}} <ref></ref>
* 11/2016: it0uchpods (A320Family, A340-200, A340-313X, A340-600HGW, A340-600VIP) {{Progressbar|100}} ([ Custom Airbus style ND by artix])
* 12/2016: {{Usr|jsb}} <ref>{{cite web
|url =
|script_version = 0.40
}}</ref> (see also [[CRJ 700 family canvas]])
* 6/2017: it0uchpods (A320Family) {{Progressbar|100}} Improved and expanded Custom Airbus ND by artix
If you are finding yourself having problems integrating the framework, please refer to already integrated aircraft as reference/example, or get in touch with their maintainers - ideally, via the forum, so that everybody can contribute and benefit.

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