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{{for|the older [[FGAddon]] aicraft|Airbus A320 Family}}
The Airbus A320Family by {{usr|it0uchpods}} is an accurate, and complex recreation of the Airbus A320 Family. At this time, it is still in development (Pre V1.0), and is not complete yet, but this will all be corrected! The goal is to have a complex MCDU and FMGC by V1.0.
== General Information ==
Good Virtual Cockpit, with AP panel, Overhead, and Pedestal.
Good 3D Model, and '''many''' liveries.
Active development by {{usr|it0uchpods}}and the A3XX Development Team!
* A318-112(with Steep Approach)* A319-112(CFM)* A319-131(IAE)* A320-111(Original A320)* A320-214(CFM)* A320-232(IAE)* A320-251N(A320neo with CFM LEAP-1A)* A320-271N(A320neo with PW1000G)* A321-211(CFM)* A321-231(IAE)* A321-251N(A321neo with CFM LEAP-1A)* A321-271N(A321neo with PW1000G)
Planned Models:
== In Progress/Completed ==
This list contains items which are working, or have been completed.
* Virtual Cockpit{{progressbar|80}}* Electric System{{done}}* Pneumatic System{{progressbar|90}}* Hydraulic System{{progressbar|90}}* Fuel System{{progressbar|90}}* EIS1 Instruments{{progressbar|90}}* EIS2 Instruments{{progressbar|90}}* Autoflight System{{progressbar|90}}* Custom Airbus FADEC/ATHR{{progressbar|80}}* Custom Airbus Autopilot{{progressbar|80}}* Custom Airbus Engine system{{progressbar|80}}* Custom Airbus Fly By Wire System{{progressbar|70}}* Fully Custom EPR Calculation{{done}}* ADIRS System{{done}}
* Flight Dynamics Engine (JSBsim)
* CFM56 Engines{{progressbar|90}}* IAE V2500 Engines{{progressbar|90}}* CFM LEAP Engines{{progressbar|90}}* PW PurePower Engines{{done}}* Sharklets{{done}}* MCDU(working, in progress). {{progressbar|50}}* FMGC(basic) {{progressbar|10}}* Managed Speed/Climb{{progressbar|80}}* Icing System {{progressbar|90}}
== To Do ==

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