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Scripted Compilation on Linux Debian/Ubuntu

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The following script takes care of downloading and compiling Flightgear from the cvs repositories with just one command execution for both 32 -bit and 64 -bit Debian based systems (Debian, Ubuntu). Pre-existing installed version (if any) of Flightgear are not touched at all since the script builds and installs everything under the directory within it is launched.
Necessary packages are installed via the apt-get system while libraries not included in the repositories are downloaded and compiled on the fly (i.e. [[Plib]], [[Simgear]] and [[OSG]]).
===Launching Fgrun===
For many users it's more comfortable having Flighgear launched by the graphical utiliy [[Fgrun]] wich is installed as well in the same folder. You have to launch the '''' command, for example:
cd ~/fgfs
===Launching FGCOM===
[[FGCOM]] is the system used by flightgear to simulate radio communications between users. Launch it using the '''' command:
cd ~/fgfs
Here we are, no fear, if you wish to use programs from the cvs/svn repositories, you will face anytime compilation errors that will prevent you to have a working copy of one or more of the programs provided by this script. What can be the causes that prevent us from a successful compiling? As far as I know this:
# Software developers introduce a new functionality with a new piece of code that prevents the compilation under your architecture, this can happen working with cvs/svn sources.
# The program refuses to compile because of a divergence in the libraries it depends. For example can happen the Flightgear does not compile because [[OSG]] has been modified, while OSG itself compiles fine, FG won't.
# One or more repositories are down and you can't get the library you need. (Both from cvs/svn or apt-get)

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