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Eurocopter EC130 B4

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Updates in Development Repository (after FG 2017.2)
After '''FG 2017.2''' release the following improvements were done. If you are interested in the newest features see [https://gitlab.com/mhab/ec130 '''Gitlab development repository''']
none yet===New Liveries===* '''N127LG''' Flight For Life Colorado (H130), operational since May 1st, 2017.The helicopter started operation an May 1, 2017 and provides transportation to pediatric patients within a 120-mile service area, including Colorado, southwestern Nebraska and southern Wyoming.
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File:H130 N127LG-002.png|NEW Heli stationed at Centennial Airport Denver (KAPA)
File:H130 N127LG-005.png|H130 of Flight For Life Colorado near Denver

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