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Howto:Shader programming in FlightGear

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Language features: Error log, troubleshooting section
User defined functions are supported, and a wide variety of commonly used functions are provided built-in as well. This allows the graphics card manufacturer the ability to optimize these built-in functions at the hardware level if they are inclined to do so. Many of these functions are similar to those found in the math library of the C programming language such as <code>exp()</code> and <code>abs()</code> while others are specific to graphics programming such as <code>smoothstep()</code> and <code>texture2D()</code>.
== Error Reports, Debugging, Troubleshooting ==
Shader compilation errors can be found in the fgfs.log file. More about the [[Commonly_used_debugging_tools#fgfs.log|fgfs.log here]].
== Shader types ==

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