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Blender AC3D import and export

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Majic79 addon: Removed statement that certainly is not true anymore. Replaced it with instruction on how to import/export emission/ambient color.
* To see textured surfaces as they will be shown in Flightgear, go into the material texture and set the blend type to "Multiply" instead of the default "Mix" (the importer will also do this automatically). An example plane that will look very different if this is not done is the FGAddon aircraft ASK-13, notice the wingtips.
* If you wonder where to put the scripts you could open blender's user preferences (''CTRL ALT U'', or ''File->User Preferences'') tick e.g. Import/Export and extent the informations concerning an existing script. Usually this throws the path. For Ubuntu 14.04LTS/Blender 2.79b e.g. it's: ''/usr/share/blender/scripts/addons/''.
* Be aware of the selection "Mirror color that Blender only has greyscale for emission and ambient colors. If you want to emisexport/ambi" usually emissiveimport a color for those, import/ambient 1.0 does produce pale results. Hotfix: Adjust mirrorcolor as ambient, export options gives you capability to choose to use Blenders mirror color->ambient in filterfor that.
* The importer will not fail if it does not locate a texture, instead it will issue warnings. Pull down the top bar to see if there was any, they will be orange lines.
* The exporter will not fail if it tries to save a texture without data, instead it will issue warnings. Pull down the top bar to see if there was any, they will be orange lines. Notice that since AC3D only support 1 texture per object, if multiple textures are attached to an object in Blender the last of the textures that has any data, if any, will be the one that get exported, but it will still warn about the missing data in the others, so take care.

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