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Saab 37 Viggen

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Feature overview: Update of features
=== Feature overview ===
====Flightgear compatibility====
* The Viggen is compatible with Flightgear version 2.10 to 2016.34.14.
* A separate download is available for Flightgear 2.8. It will not be updated so often as the regular download.
* [[JSBSim]] FDM based mostly on original Saab windtunnel data.
* 47 individual aerodynamic coefficients.
* Aerodynamic effect of air intake factor, ground effects and control surface shading.
* The cockpit features 77 working controls.
* Gauges are in metric and have Swedish descriptions. But they have [[Tooltips]], showing Imperial and English units.
* Switches, knobs and buttons have English text for convenience.
* Custom [[Canvas]] [[HUD]] built from Saab flight manual with 4 modes of operation: navigation, landing, takeoff and tactical.
* HUD values depend on indicated values, not real values.
* HUD can switch to between Imperial and Metric units.
* The callsign (or type), velocity vector and distance of the selected track is also displayed in the HUD. It also display nearest tower.
* HUD shows radar tracks of aircraft plus scenario objects like ferries, balloons, tankers, carriers, tanks, bus, trains etc.
* RB-24 / RB-24J works as rear aspect only.
* Dual releasing flares that work against RB24, RB-24J and RB74.
Compatible * No longer compatible with the [[Bombable]] addon. Sorry.* M71 dumb bombs with CCIP aiming.
* Ability to target a GPS coordinate and fire at it.
* Eleven 12 authentic Swedish Airforce and 6 10 fictive Flightgear liveries included.
* Selection view, with camera pointing to the aircraft from outside and towards the current selected MP/AI aircraft.
* Ubershaded exterior model and cockpit panels. Also flood light is supported if model shader is enabled.

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