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Eurocopter EC130 B4

76 bytes added, 20:00, 2 January 2017
General Updates
** liveries split up EC130 B4 and H130
** menu/dialogs adjusted
** Autostart enabled after 5 flights (previous 15)
** Full autostart including external power fetch/remove and Twist-Grip run-up
** panel instruments modified
*** Turn indicator removed
*** Emergency switch removed
**'''New panel of H130'''
**<gallery widths=550 heights=300>File:H130 panel-001.jpg</gallery>
* '''Co-Pilot, Passenger and Patient models''' added
** Pilots/Passengers can be seated/removed by click animations
** Co-Pilot can fly without Pilot
** Autostart enabled after 5 flights (previous 15)
* '''Luggage''' added
** visible luggage is added according to weight,

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