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Command line

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The first ''d'' in some of the items indicates a directory. Then, three groups of ''rwx'' follow. Each ''r'' means "file/directory may be read", each ''w'' means "file/directory may be written", each ''x'' means "file may be executed".
The first group of ''rwx'' shows the rights of the owner of the file, the next group of "''rwx" '' shows the rights of the group of the owner and the last group of "''rwx" '' gives information about what everybody may do with the file.
As there are some scripts out there, that can be downloaded, you have to make them executable in most of the cases (because downloading only sets "''-rw-r--r--" '' per default). Making a file executable can be achieved by the "chmod" command. We use the "ls" command with its "-l" option and the ''pipe'' to filter the output of "ls" by "grep":
username@computername:~/flightgear$ ls -l | grep
Notice, that "" at first had the executable bits all set, then we take them away by "chmod -x" and give them back by "chmod +x". You can do the same with read and write rights.
That should be enough command line knowledge, to perform several command line actions related to Flightgear so far.
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