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Command line

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===Sublevel Caption===
''Or if it didn't work perfectly first time''
fgcom --help
returns the following useful info
fgcom - a communication radio based on VoIP with IAX/Asterisk
(c)2007 by H. Wirtz <>
Version 1.2.2 build 163M
Using iaxclient library Version SVN 163M
-d, -debug, --debug= show debugging information
-S, -voipserver, --voipserver= voip server to connect to (default: '')
-s, -fgserver, --fgserver= fg to connect to (default: 'localhost')
-p, -port, --port= where we should listen to FG (default: '16661')
-a, -airport, --airport= airport-id (ICAO) for ATC-mode
-f, -frequency, --frequency= frequency for ATC-mode
-U, -user, --user= username for VoIP account (default: 'guest')
-P, -password, --password= password for VoIP account (default: 'guest')
-i, -mic, --mic= mic input level (0.0 - 1.0)
-o, -speaker, --speaker= speaker output level (0.0 - 1.0)
-b, -mic-boost, --mic-boost= enable mic boost
-l, -list-audio, --list-audio= list audio devices
-r, -set-audio-in, --set-audio-in= use <devicename> as audio input
-k, -set-audio-out, --set-audio-out= use <devicename> as audio output
-c, -codec, --codec= use codec <codec> as transfer codec (default: 'u')
Available codecs:
u - ulaw (default and best codec because the mixing is based onto ulaw)
a - alaw
g - gsm
s - speex
7 - G.723
Mode 1: client for COM1 of flightgear:
$ fgcom
- connects fgcom to fgfs at localhost:16661
$ fgcom -p23456
- connects fgcom to fgfs at
Mode 2: client for an ATC at <airport> on <frequency>:
$ fgcom -aKSFO -f120.500
- sets up fgcom for an ATC radio at KSFO 120.500 MHz
Note that /home/hcs/src/fgcom/trunk/src/fgcom starts with a guest account unless you use -U and -P!
Also note that the current server ( works with guest account, so '''do not use -U or -P'''
==External links==
Windows XP
Windows Vista?
Linux > Gnome, KDE, Xfce
==See also==*[[FlightGear related projects]] [[Category:SoftwareHowto]]

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