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Extra EA-500

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version for 2016.4 clarifications
Download the current stable versions for your Flightgear version:
{{gitlab zip file | proj=extra500 | repo=extra500 | branch=FG/2016.3 | text=Extra500 for Flightgear version 2016.3and later}}
{{gitlab zip file | proj=extra500 | repo=extra500 | branch=FG/2016.1 | text=Extra500 for Flightgear version 2016.1 and later}}
And of course the [ Flightgear aircraft download page] has the stable release of the point where the latest Flightgear version was released.
Stable releases are available for Flightgear versions 3.2.0, 3.4.0, 3.6.0, 2016.1 (use for 2016.2 as well) and 2016.3(use for 2016.4 as well). You can get them using GIT:

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