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FlightGear Newsletter October 2016

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A standalone Canvas NavDisplay Dialog: Cleanup section
=== A standalone Canvas NavDisplay Dialog ===
[[File:ND-dialog-customizable-size-and-instances.png|left|thumb|Screenshot showing a [[PUI]] the dialog with two [[independent NavDisplay]] instances, featuring support for customizable resolution/size of the ND as well as selectable number of NDs to be shown.]][[File:ND-Airbus-Style-With-Route.png|thumb|Screenshot showing Gijs' [[NavDisplay]] using the Airbus style created by artix in a [[PUI]] dialog with an embedded [[Canvas]] widget to render the ND and the corresponding widgets.]]
In the last couple of days, we have created Hooray has been working on a new dialog that can be used to easily prototype new [[NavDisplay]] styles, . It is capable of showing multiple ND NavDisplay instances for each pilot, which can be controlled/and tested independently (using different settings for range, modes, traffic , etc.). Once the The dialog is closed/reopened, will also reload the underlying styles file (navdisplay.mfd/styles files are also automatically reloaded from disk) when it is reopened, so meaning that you donFlightGear doesn't need have to exit/restart fgfs to test your be restarted every time changesare made.
Under the hoodAs of 10/2016, this is a conventoinal PUI/XML dialog with multiple embedded CanvasWidget areas that instantiate independent ND instances using a subset of the code commonly found in the aircraft specific ND.nas file, adapted to use the embedded Canvas region for rendering multiple NDs pending review by Gijs and GUI buttons/widgets added Hyde before it can be committed to control the whole thing without necessarily requiring a fully developed cockpitbase package.
Thus, this is also a great tool for people flying aircraft that may not even have access to n ND. Obviously, this is particularly useful for rapid prototyping ("RAD"), i.e. quickly testing additions and changes without having to exit/restart fgfs and without having a full aircraft developed yet. [[File:Canvas-nd-menubar-entry.png|thumb|Screenshot showing [[PUI]] menubar with added '''Canvas NavDisplay''' entry for the Canvas ND dialog.]]  This is currently pending review by Gijs and Hyde before it can be committed to the base package. Continue reading at [[Howto:Prototyping a new NavDisplay Style]]...…''
=== Benchmarking Canvas Path Performance ===

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