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Saab 37 Viggen

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Updated infobox
|name = Saab 37 Viggen
|livery = 9 Liveries
|type = Fighter aircraft/Attack aircraft/STOL aircraft|config = Canard aircraft/Delta-wing aircraft/Retractable gear aircraft|propulsion = Single-engine jet|manufacturer = Saab
|fdm = JSBSim
|status-fdm = 4
|status = Early production
|authors = Anders Lejczak, Justin Nicholson, Nicola B. Bernardelli, Isaac Protiva, Nikolai V. Chr.
|fgname = JA37-Viggen|fgname1 = AJ37-Viggen|fgname2 = AJS37-Viggen
|development = http://nikolaivchr.github.io/flightgear-saab-ja-37-viggen
|download = https://sites.google.com/site/fghangar
|ready = bombable/canvas/checklist/rembrandt/tutorials|license = GPLv2+|forumtid = 19130

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