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AeromatiC++: Added some substance from the newsletter
AeromatiC++ is an attempt to make the outputted FDM from Aeromatic more detailed by Erik Hofman. It is made in C++, so it must be downloaded and run locally.
The number of systems has been extended considerably. Every system adds its own lift, drag and/or side forces, and pitch, roll and/or yaw moments if selected. New and updated systems include:
* Conventional controls (with or without yaw damper)
* Flaps
* Landing gear
* Arrestor hook
* Spoilers and speedbrakes
* Thrust reverse
* Drag chute and rescue chute
* Catapult system
Version 3.1.0 adds code that estimates CL<sub>de</sub>, CM<sub>a</sub>, CM<sub>adot</sub>, CM<sub>q</sub>, CM<sub>de</sub>, CY<sub>beta</sub>, Cn<sub>beta</sub>, Cn<sub>r</sub>, Cn<sub>dr</sub>, Cl<sub>beta</sub>, Cl<sub>r</sub> and Cl<sub>p</sub> based on wing geometry. There is now also support for the calculation of CL<sub>q</sub>, CL<sub>adot</sub>, CY<sub>p</sub>, CY<sub>r</sub>, CY<sub>dr</sub> and Cn<sub>p</sub> based on wing geometry which previous versions did not specify. After a request from Necolatis, the turbine engine tables are now adjusted for bypass ratio.
For this to work properly, you have to provide factual data. Do not try to estimate it yourself. If some data is unknown, leave it blank and AeromatiC++ will make it's own estimation or reverts to the table lookup method.
The program is now part of [[JSBSim]] source repository, and is compiled as part of Flightgear nightlies for Win and Linux (but separate download).

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