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#REDIRECTAeromatic is a tool for inputting a small set of parameters, and will then output a JSBSim FDM. Note that things like position of fuel tanks, gears and pilot have to be modified by hand after output. There are 2 versions of the programs. The old online Aeromatic. And the newer C++ Aeromatic. = Online Aeromatic = Usage: Browse to the online Aeromatic website, and input a small number of inputs. It will output a simple but complete JSBSim FDM including engine. Official readme: [ Link] How it works: [ Link] It is made by David Culp. = AeromatiC++ = AeromatiC++ is an attempt to make the outputted FDM from Aeromatic more detailed by Erik Hofman. It is made in C++, so it must be downloaded and run locally. The program is now part of JSBSim#source repository, and is compiled as part of Flightgear nightlies for Win and Linux (but separate download). ''I find AeromatiC++ very useful, especially for making JSBSim engines. For example it predicted the Viggen fuel consumption almost spot on. -Necolatis'' == External links ==* [ Aeromatic0.95 (online)]* [ AeromatiC++ 3.3.8 (Windows)]* [ AeromatiC++ 3.3.8 (Linux)] {{FDM}} {{JSBSim}} [[Category:Aerodynamic Tools]]

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