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Canvas ND Framework

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Adding the navigation display to your aircraft
# Add the file to the <nasal> block in your aircraft's [[Aircraft-set.xml|-set.xml]] file.
# In order to customize the ND for your specific aircraft, change a few options in your ND.nas file:
## the node behind <code>addPlacement</code> is the name of the object in your 3D model. For multiple independent NDs, each ND should have its own object (and thus placement node). The 777 for example has a "ndScreenL" and a "ndScreenR"(for left/right screens respectively).
## Rename the properties in the "myCockpit_switches" hash at the top of the ND.nas file to match your own properties (range selector, mode selector etc.), see {{fgaddon aircraft source|747-400|Models/Cockpit/Instruments/ND/ND.nas|text=Aircraft/747-400/Models/Cockpit/Instruments/ND/ND.nas}}. You're advised to use the defaults (and change other systems of your aircraft accordingly). For an overview of switches, see [[#Cockpit switches]].
# Add knobs/buttons to the 3D model of your cockpit to control the various options of the ND. See {{fgaddon aircraft source|777|Models/Instruments/EFIS/efis-ctl1.xml|text=Aircraft/777/Models/Instruments/EFIS/efis-ctl1.xml}} for an example.

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