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Northrop B-2 Spirit

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{{infobox Aircraft|image = B-2_Spirit.jpg|caption =|name =Northrop B-2 Spirit|type =Stealth bomber|livery =|authors =Markus Zojer|fdm =YASim|status =Development|fgname =B-2-yasim|download =http:{{PAGENAME}}//www.flightgear.org/Downloads/aircraft-2.0.0/#B-2info}}
The '''Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit''' is a multi-role stealth heavy bomber, capable of deploying both conventional and nuclear weapons. It is operated exclusively by the United States Air Force. Its development was a milestone in the modernization program of the U.S. Department of Defense. The B-2's stealth technology is intended to aid the [[aircraft]]'s penetration role in order to survive extremely dense anti-aircraft defenses otherwise considered impenetrable by [[:Category:Military aircraft|combat aircraft]].
[[Category:Military aircraft]]

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