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AI Traffic

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Defining the aircraft: spelling, spacing and add example of aircraft type XML tag
* '''<model>''' Here is a path specified to the 3D model that should be used in FlightGear.
* '''<livery>''' This line is currently unused, and will likely remain unused. The original idea was to combine this with the '''<model>''' line (see above) to load a specific combination of aircraftype aircraft type ('''<actype>''') and paint scheme, but I abandoned that idea, because it didn't turn out to be very combatible compatible with the existing FlightGear model loading code.
* '''<airline>''' This line refers to the airline operating the aircraft. This information is currently used by FlightGear to handle gate/parking assignments. Use the official 3-letter [[ICAO]] airline code here, in case of commercial traffic. This keyword is unlikely to be used for general aviation and military traffic.
* '''<home-port>''' Each FlightGear aircraft is assigned to a home airport. Internally, this is used to ensure that routes are setup that will eventually lead back to the home airport. This is done to maintain some sensibility into the routing algorithm. '''[New for traffic manager II]'''

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