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Airbus A320 Family

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{{for|the newer A320 Series from the [[:Category:it0uchpods hangar|it0uchpods Design Group]]|IDG-A32X}}
''This includes the following models: A318-111, A319-111, A319-131, A320-111, A320-211, A320-231, A321-211, A321-231, A320-family''
[[File:A320-cockpit.jpg|thumb|300px|The 3d [[cockpit]] of the A320 family, currently under development]]
The '''Airbus A320 Family''' is a series of narrow-body commercial passenger jets manufactured by [[Airbus|Airbus Industries]]. Designed for short to medium hauls, the aircraft pioneer fly-by-wire technology and regularly compete with the [[Boeing 737|Boeing 737 series]]. The series includes the Airbus A318, the A319, the A320, and the A321. The [[Airbus A320E|"A320 Enhanced" program]] aims to further improve the A320 family with longer range and better fuel economy.
N1 increasing as N2 incr. CHECK
Oil Pressure CHECK
Generator 1 ON
Repeat for Eng 2
Panel Light OFF
BATT Master Switch OFF
== Development status ==

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