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Bombardier CRJ700 series

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{{infobox Aircraft|name = Bombardier CRJ700 series|image = CRJ700.jpg|alt = The Bombardier CRJ700|type = Regional airliner|livery = Various|authors = Ryan Miller (see also Docs/Authors.html)|status-fdm = 3|status-systems = 3|status-cockpit = 4|status-model = 4|version = 1.0.4|fdm = YASim|fgname = various|download = http:{{PAGENAME}}//|development =}}[[File:CRJ700-cockpit.jpg|The 3d cockpit of the CRJ700 series|thumb|350px|right]]
[[File:CRJ700-cockpit-night.jpg|The cockpit at night, demonstrating night lighting capabilities|thumb|350px|right]]
[[File:CRJ700-cabin-night.jpg|The interior cabin, also at night|thumb|350px|right]]
[[Category:Bombardier Aerospace]]

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