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Cessna Citation X

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The '''Cessna Citation X''' (X as in the Roman numeral for ten, not the letter) is a long range medium business jet aircraft. The X is currently the fastest civilian jet in production with a top speed of Mach 0.92 (703 mph). This also makes it the fastest business jet in history. The Citation X is powered by two Rolls-Royce turbofan engines and is built by the [[Cessna Aircraft Company]] in Wichita, Kansas. The Citation brand of business jets encompasses six distinct "families" of aircraft. Although based on the earlier Citation III, VI and VII models the Citation X is a significantly different airplane. It utilizes a totally new wing design, engines, and features a glass cockpit.
=== Taxi ===
* Nav lights on
* Release parking: {{Key press|Shift-|B}}
* Max Taxiing speed 20 kts
* Vr=130 kts (pull hard on yoke such that front wheels leave ground)
* V2=140 kts (rear wheels leave ground)
* Retract landing gear as soon as you have left the ground ({{Key press|G)}}
* 1500 ft above ground: flaps up
Climb out
After touchdown
* Lower nose wheel
* Deploy spoilers ({{Key press|Ctrl-B)}}* Reverse thrust ({{Key press|del)}}* at 60 knots: cancel reverse ({{Key press|del)}}
* Manual brakes
Before the flight you should set the route in the [[route manager]]. In the explanation it is assumed you are familiar with basic autopilot operation in the Cessna, although the Citation X autopilot differs in many aspects. This description is not an exhaustive description of the autopilot modes, but rather a summary that should be sufficient to get you started.
The autopilot can be controlled either from the unit at the top of the instrument panel (marked in red), or from the dedicated GUI menu ({{Key press|F11) }} (marked in green). The keys in the cockpit will light up according to which autopilot mode you are in - no direct visual feedback is associated with key presses in the GUI window but the actual mode is shown in the top of the window. The current horizontal and vertical mode are shown in the top part of the GUI window as well as in the top of the primary flight display (PFD, the left glas panel on pilot side).
Basic mode
|Flaps >15 deg||180 kts
|Gear down || 210 kts
# You are flying at 20000 ft, and the airport is at 1000 ft. Your descent should start at about <sup>(20000-1000)</sup>/<sub>318 ~ </sub> ≈ 60 nm left to fly
# You are 10 nm from the airport. Your altitude should be airport altitude plus 318*10 ~ 3200 ft
* Assuming you are at about the correct altitude your vertical descent speed (<sup>ft</sup>/<sub>min</sub>) should be 5.3 times your speed relative ground (kts, from GPS, NOT airspeed)
# You are flying at 200 kts rel. ground. Your vertical descent speed should be 200*5200×5.3=1060 <sup>ft </sup>/<sub>min</sub>

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